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Concert newspaper reviews

"...a virtuoso piano concert...masterful technique and interpretation..."

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany)
1 December 2001

"...Dazzling duo...[which] performance confirmed their brilliance, musicality and compatibility as a performing duo...Throughout the evening there was an unfailing affinity between the two musicians who executed major works of extreme technical difficulty to near perfection..."

"...It was a truly dazzling performance in which the generosity, technical brilliance and musical understanding of the two pianists left a lasting impression on the audience. One looks forward to another of their performances..."

Sunday Times (Malta), 23 April, 2000

"...Toshev and Stoyanova thrilled the audience with breath-taking personalities, especially with their bravura. They are a blend of a delicate and at the same time sparkling mixture of an excellent tonic for the laid back that peps up anybody from a depressed mood into joviality as they carry everyone with them into an excitable wakeful state. They offered us vitality, thrills and delight mingled with astonishment never to be forgotten... "

"…So young, so brilliant and so mature..."

L´Orizzont (Malta), 15 April 2000

"...the two musicians were superb..."

Gallarija (Malta), April 23, 2000

"...A decidedly well-knit, balanced pair, both mindful of each others role, they had rapport of the highest order. One knows what the other is doing down to the minutest detail…"

"…Truly a joy to watch...a joy to listen..."

The Times (Malta), 2 May 2000

"…a Bulgarian duo with charm and virtuosity…"
"...very filigree and pearl-like sound in a perfect and flowing teamwork... "
"...full of temperament and sweeping verve…"

Volksstimme newspaper
Magdeburg, Germany, March 2003

"... Sonata by Wilhelm Fr. Bach and W. A. Mozart...in...perfect synchronism, sparkling temperament and brilliant Tempi..."

"...the artists performed by memory the duo version of Strawinsky´s La Sacre du Printemps, known mainly as an early orchestral work, with young strength and a growing intensity moving from a trembling melodiousness to sensual ecstasy with concussive chords and emotional upsurge and
wane... "

Braunschweiger Zeitung, (Germany)
19 October, 2000

"...Not for first time acclaimed rapturously from the audience in Italy, they rose to their feet the listeners in the crowded hall and recognized many applause and calls for an encore..."

"...they make contribution for the development and furthering of the music for two pianos as they become supporters of the International Music and Earth Competition [dedicated to the Day of the Earth April 22nd]... "

"…They soon will be included in the book The Music of 20th Century by Dimitar Sagaev as one of the most active piano duos..."

Russe City magazine, Bulgaria, 17 March 2000


Tosheff Piano Duo in concert, Tokyo, Japan

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